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Miranda is a popular speaker to groups and companies and has in the past been invited to TED, International Coaching Federation - Luxembourg, The Network, etc.

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  I clearly remember the last time I smoked. It was a year ...
      We all lead busy lives. It is hard to find ...

Are you thinking too big?

I recently wrote about how overthinking kills happiness.
Besides thinking too much about things, we also often have a tendency to think too big.

Oh no, not me, you might say. I know everything about baby steps and setting achievable goals.

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The last time

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Slow down to achieve more


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The importance of away days for women

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Wanting what we don't have

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"Life’s too short to spend it on things that don’t really matter to you. Being creative is part of feeling alive. Building on that creativity, people can live in ways that feel good – and be involved in work that does good."



SFbBox by debt consolidation


May 2, 2015,
Very helpful to understand how to break your way of thinking. Good mix: theoretical vs practical. Wo...
Sonja Soyer
May 2, 2015,
The space and time that the retreat provided were chosen with great love and care into the smallest ...


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