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Generate Positive Change for your Life and Work

Have the routines and pressures of your daily life and work environment stifled your enthusiasm and creativity?

Are you finding it difficult to come up with creative solutions to break free and achieve a greater level of satisfaction and success?

Is your job feeling stale – the team struggling to come up with creative ideas?

Clarity. Creativity. Balance. Energy. Passion. Progress.

Life’s too short to feel stuck. And businesses can’t survive without a creative edge. Whether you are seeking personal change or are in a corporate environment, Create &Connect offers a range of client-focused coaching, retreats, and training programs to help you jump start your creative process and make positive changes.

For Women Only: Coaching and Retreats

  • The Create Your Life Steps Coaching Program offers a system that you can use as your foundation – no matter what unpredictable challenges life throws your way – so that you can go from REACTIVE to CREATIVE in actively choosing how you live your ideal life.
  • Gain clarity, inspiration, and energy to regain control and create the life you desire. Visit our upcoming Retreat page to learn more.


For Everyone (Personal and Corporate): Creativity Training

  • The Creative Thinking Training Sessions build on a system that will help you creatively thrive, even in turbulent times. Whether you want to focus on creating a more vibrant life or you are seeking a competitive advantage in the workplace, our creative thinking training will foster and revive the creative minds of individuals and teams.
  • Get your creative juices flowing again to generate innovative possibilities that lift things up a notch. Visit our Creativity page to learn more.
  • Reconnect with your Intuition in one of our Intuitive Painting Workshops.

In a rut and need some creative inspiration?

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