Creative Change for your Life and Work

Have the routines and pkeywords threefoldressures of your daily life and work environment stifled your enthusiasm and creativity?

Are you finding it difficult to come up with creative solutions to balance your daily life and achieve a greater level of happiness?

Would you like to find your way back to that creative kid you used to be?


Life’s too short to feel stuck. And one can no longer survive without a creative edge. Whether you are seeking personal change, a creative way to handle life or fresh inspiration through art, Create & Connect offers a range of coaching, retreats, and workshops to help you kick start your creative process and make positive changes.


CREATE YOUR ARTIntuitive painting cover new


The Create Your Life Steps Coaching Program offers a system that you can use as your foundation – no matter what unpredictable challenges life throws your way – so that you can go from REACTIVE to CREATIVE in actively choosing how you live your ideal life.

3 days to create your life


how to kickstart creativity at work

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