Are you a control freak?


Are you a control freak? Below you will find a few statements. Tick the ones which apply to you. I make lists of about every aspect of my life I don’t like it when people touch my things I hate … Continue reading

Reward yourself out of procrastination

Whenever I have an idea for a new project, a retreat for example, or a new online course, I get all excited. I have the initial idea in my head and talk to all sorts of people about it. I … Continue reading

WHY do you do what you do?

golden circle

The other day, someone asked me WHY I do all the things that I do. WHY do I write a blog? WHY do I organize retreats, hold painting workshops and speak at public events. All very legitimate questions to which … Continue reading

The touch of a hand…


In Sleepless in Seattle, Meg Ryan dreams of meeting the man who will bring her a feeling of peace and security by the simple touch of his hand. Each human seems to secretly aspire to such a feeling. Is it … Continue reading

Get creative! Art classes to get your creative juices flowing


  I try to attend one or two creative classes a year, locally or online. It broadens my horizon, allows me to meet a whole new community of wonderfully talented people and teaches me a new craft or new techniques. My … Continue reading

9 ways to stay healthy and happy


At the beginning of each year, people always start with the same kind of resolutions. exercise more eat healthily drink less alcohol … If you’ve followed me for some time, you know I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions but … Continue reading

The 2014 Booklist


The 2014 Booklist   Cheryl Strayed I first read Cheryl’s book ‘Wild‘ and felt immediately connected to her writing style. She is authentic, vulnerable, real and says it like it is. It so made me want to go on a … Continue reading



Forgiveness Last year, my Word of the Year was ‘LIGHT’ because I wanted to feel lighter, get rid of stuff. Looking at the year in retrospect, I have not been very successful at it Yes, I have eliminated material stuff … Continue reading

Are you a real grownup yet?

be different

Sometimes (often, actually), I catch myself in situations where I forget that I am the grownup. The obvious ones: the fun roller coaster ride with my boys at the amusement park, while painting in my studio, while playing and dancing … Continue reading

How to have a stressless Christmas

what screws us up

December is usually a month where people run around like headless chicken. Finding presents for their loved ones. Getting the right tree and decoration. Preparing and decorating the house. Planning dinner. Finishing the year off on many levels. As you … Continue reading