We all break down sometimes. It’s okay!

The other day I have a nervous breakdown. Yes, happens to the best of us, even me. The first day of school had gone well. I was proud to have pulled it off again without forgetting half the stuff the … Continue reading

57 reasons to go on a retreat

Away days are important. We need to stop for a while to look around us and ask ourselves what we are doing and why. We cannot do that slap bang in the middle of our lives with screaming kids, a … Continue reading

How to ease back into life after summer


After summer, whether you have been away on holidays or not, something changes.You need to get back to work. Kids to back to school. It’s getting chilly in the morning so you need to turn the heating on. Days are … Continue reading

Love is…like jogging

love is like jogging

Whenever you a make a fresh start or begin something new, there is always a time for adaptation. Your body and mind need to settle into a new routing, think and act differently. I could take any new activity (let’s … Continue reading

Inaction is the number one reason for your stress


Are you stressed? If you are, what creates the most stress in your life? Your bills and the lack of money? Your partner? Your kids? Your health and looks? Your job you don’t like anymore? Your boss? Trust me, they … Continue reading

Inspirational sites to a better you

Inspirational sitesfor a better YOU

ZENHABITS Leo Babauta has a minimalist website and writes about a zen life, which is all about simplicity, healthy living and habits that improve your life. Some examples are Tips for travelling with kids or Comparing yourself to othersMARIE FORLEO … Continue reading

How to become a validator

HOW TO BECOME a validator

“I can live for two months on a good compliment.“~Mark TwainIt is Friday, 10 am. Please relax, take a coffee and sit back. Today’s article is much shorter than usual, because I want you to start by watching this video. … Continue reading

Why motivation is not the problem

why motivation is not the problem

As a life coach, I often hear people say they lack motivation. They have the best goals: they want to live healthier, get organized at home or at work, start a new business or project. These goals are things they … Continue reading

Why gossiping is bad for you

We have all done it. At work. With friends and family. Even with strangers. Gossip. It’s probably the number one topic after the weather. It generally makes for easy conversation. Why do we gossip? Feeling of superiority When you feel … Continue reading

What to do with good advice?

Your Mom calls to give you her opinion about that dress you wore at last Sunday’s picnic. Your friend suggests you take up samba lessons to meet new people. Your partner hints that he liked your hair with blonde highlights … Continue reading