How to become a validator

HOW TO BECOME a validator

“I can live for two months on a good compliment.“~Mark TwainIt is Friday, 10 am. Please relax, take a coffee and sit back. Today’s article is much shorter than usual, because I want you to start by watching this video. … Continue reading

Why motivation is not the problem

why motivation is not the problem

As a life coach, I often hear people say they lack motivation. They have the best goals: they want to live healthier, get organized at home or at work, start a new business or project. These goals are things they … Continue reading

Why gossiping is bad for you

We have all done it. At work. With friends and family. Even with strangers. Gossip. It’s probably the number one topic after the weather. It generally makes for easy conversation. Why do we gossip? Feeling of superiority When you feel … Continue reading

What to do with good advice?

Your Mom calls to give you her opinion about that dress you wore at last Sunday’s picnic. Your friend suggests you take up samba lessons to meet new people. Your partner hints that he liked your hair with blonde highlights … Continue reading

The power of emotions

Many people are disconnected from their emotions—especially strong core emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, and joy. This is often the result of negative childhood experiences that taught us to shut off our feelings. But although you can try to … Continue reading

Over-thinking kills your happiness


Thoughts are powerful. They are energy. Good or bad energy depending on the thoughts. Thoughts are good. They allow us to think a situation through, to analyze things and to grow from there. But like with all the good things … Continue reading

How a 4 year old solves the Greek debt crisis


In Seth Godin’s speech I went to in 2010, he suggested that parents should teach their children to solve complicated problems and volunteered the idea of asking them to solve the debt crisis in Greece… So I did. Here are … Continue reading

A woman’s guilt trip

You eat a piece of chocolate, or two, too many. You arrive late for an appointment. You snap at a friend or colleague, or even your mom on the phone. You buy a pair of shoes you don’t really need. … Continue reading

Too Much or Not Enough?


Recently I have been feeling tired and out of sync. I blamed the weather, my back problems, a few interrupted nights. But there was more. It wasn’t until I read an article of my first life coach on revisiting your … Continue reading

Connecting the dots


I often get asked to speak at networking events. Usually about Creativity. I often say yes. I often am able to get my message across to the networking group. I often get to meet interesting women (and men). Recently however, … Continue reading