Let’s get personal

Today I am sharing with you a list of gifts and little attentions that I found original because of the way you can personalize them. In our world of mass consumption, a personal little gift is always welcome. So below are … Continue reading

Do you small talk?

Four Happy People Talking

  Small talk is an informal type of discourse that does not cover any functional topics of conversation or any transactions that need to be addressed. (Wikipedia) When reading the definition of small talk above, you could wonder why we do it at all. Well, there … Continue reading

Life changes

Vintage Television

Remember when you watched television when you were young? The whole family gathered around the tv set, a clunky old thing like the one above, and there usually was no struggle on what to watch because there were only 3 … Continue reading

Intuitive Painting Workshop starts in October!

Intuitive Painting class

(above: me with some workshop results after day 1) I am happy to confirm that the painting workshop will take place at my new workshop. Below are the details: DATES 25 Oct 2014 8 November 2014 29 November 2014 13 … Continue reading

How you do one thing is how you do everything

How you do one thing

I first heard this quote from my then coach, Christine Kane. Everything that happens in our lives is a direct consequence of our own actions and attitudes. And while I do not think that a tsunami, a war or any other … Continue reading

What is your excuse?

what is your excuse

I was sitting at a restaurant with my friend, telling her about my latest idea: setting up a business or structure that would allow non profits and charities to use a pool of corporate employees to help them with their … Continue reading

The less routine, the more life.


(quote by Amos Bronson Alcott) ROUTINE: a course of normative, standardized actions or procedures that are followed regularly, often repetitiously. You get up in the morning, prepare and eat breakfast, brush your teeth, dress, take the car and drive the … Continue reading

How do retreat in daily life

Getting away

Away days, or retreats are important (here is why). A holiday can be a retreat, but it rarely is if you are running after your children and organising things for the whole family. Going away for a week or weekend, … Continue reading

A list of summer reads


  Below is a list of books I have read and can recommend. There’s a little bit of self-help and spirituality, some poetry and some good old fiction. Just click on any of the pictures below and it will lead … Continue reading

Are you a drama queen?

Drama Queen

  Quite a few of my clients are going through some rough patches at the moment. Family trouble, divorce, bullying bosses (or partners) and so on. And although each and every situation is very different, they all seem to have … Continue reading