Are you a drama queen?

Quite a few of my clients are going through some rough patches at the moment. Family trouble, divorce, bullying bosses (or partners) and so on. And although each and every situation is very different, they all seem to have a certain common denominator. Because each relationship asks for communication and this is already not always easy in a normal situation, let alone in a troubled and difficult one. And when there is conflict, all situations fall, at some point, into the Drama Triangle, a term [...]

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Why you should put doors into your walls

So many people spend their days moaning, complaining, criticizing, gossiping, blaming. We seem to connect a lot of things that happen to us to outside circumstances: - My colleague prevents me from doing my job properly - My partner makes me feel like shit - My parent’s upbringing is responsible for my depression - If only I were thinner, then I would find a boyfriend and I’d be happy. and so on... But it’s all a question of attitude really. If you think these things prevent you from being happy [...]

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