Inaction is the number one reason for your stress

Are you stressed? If you are, what creates the most stress in your life? Your bills and the lack of money? Your partner? Your kids? Your health and looks? Your job you don’t like anymore? Your boss? Trust me, they are not the reason for your stress. The main cause of your stress comes from the fact that you know what to do about it but don’t do anything. And hence you become your own worst enemy. But fact is that your INACTION to change the situation is the number one reason for your stress. I [...]

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How to ‘deal with’ your emotions

Since my recent post about anger, I have had quite a few responses from people thanking me but also asking me for ways to deal with anger and other emotions on a daily basis. Let me get one thing straight before we dive into that. Emotions serve a purpose. Avoiding them or repressing them only makes them (and your life) worse. Unfortunately we are often not taught how to deal with emotions. On the contrary, we are often told that being angry is not good and that there is no time or place for sad [...]

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‘T is the season to be merry – really?

Do you have Christmas or holiday traditions? Do you like them? The reason I'm asking is that I meet a lot of women who seem to be stressed by this whole month of preparing for something they then do not really enjoy. I hear a lot of: I haven't even started buying presents yet (overwhelm). My entire family is coming over and I have to cook (total panic). I need a vacation but if we leave for the holidays my family will be upset (guilt). I don't really want to go to my in-laws for Christmas (unhap [...]

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Why you should go hug a tree

Although people are part of nature: on average, members of contemporary society spend over 95% of their time indoors, separated from nature. how we think and feel shapes our destiny. During our lifetime, on average, over 99% of our sensing, thinking and feeling is disconnected from nature and its balancing, restorative powers. Are you nature-deprived? Answer these questions to find out. The challenge of TOO MUCH: too much to do too much to cope with too much distraction too much noise too much d [...]

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The benefits of waiting

Remember when you were little and couldn't wait until it was bedtime so that you could hear the rest of the story your mother had started telling you the night before? Do you remember the sleepless nights before Santa Claus? Or how you thought time passed way to slowly until the summer holidays? And remember when you learned how to grow things and you ran downstairs each morning to see if the seed you planted had sprouted? Or how you painfully saved up every penny in order to buy your first ster [...]

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What to do when you need to calm down

In 2012 I did this! It was all part of being REAL (my word of that year), and facing your fears. I was scared shitless, but did it anyway. Tackling my fears usually involves more or less adrenaline. Because it means stepping out of my comfort zone. And this was a BIG step out of a plane! Argh! I was recently in a telco with a colleague of mine, talking about the ‘shit’ that was going on in our respective jobs. When she thanked me for the chat because it had brought her adrenaline level down. So [...]

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