‘T is the season to be merry – really?

Do you have Christmas or holiday traditions? Do you like them? The reason I'm asking is that I meet a lot of women who seem to be stressed by this whole month of preparing for something they then do not really enjoy. I hear a lot of: I haven't even started buying presents yet (overwhelm). My entire family is coming over and I have to cook (total panic). I need a vacation but if we leave for the holidays my family will be upset (guilt). I don't really want to go to my in-laws for Christmas (unhap [...]

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Do your default settings upset you?

You have them. Your friends have them. Your loved ones have them. Hell, even your computer has them. DEFAULT SETTINGS Huh? Well, your computer comes with a set of skills, settings and nerdy stuff that makes it suitable for a large audience. Then you buy it and you personalise it by adding a screensaver, a preferred style of this or that and maybe some more nerdy stuff - if you are a nerd that is. And when your computer is upset or even breaks down, nothing goes right? Nothing except going back t [...]

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A Life of Indecision and Overwhelm. Can You Relate?

Imagine this. A new Italian gelateria opened up in your neighbourhood. The reviews have been so positive that you really want to try it out for yourself. So you gather your family together and head out one Friday night. You arrive to find that you weren’t the only one with this great idea. The gelateria is jam packed and there is a long line-up. Peering into the display case, you can’t believe how many choices there are. 50 flavours of ice cream in all! Plus optional toppings that make you drool [...]

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8 ways to mindfully avoid overwhelm

We all lead busy lives. Our agendas are chock-full with appointments. Our to do lists hardly leave us time to breathe. We have become multi-taskers, juggling work and life but struggling to find the right balance. Usually we manage pretty well. But sometimes, things spin out of control and OVERWHELM takes over. What are the signs of overwhelm?  you don’t know what the next thing is you need to be doing you break down and cry because you think you are a bad mother for wanting a career and kids yo [...]

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