6 ways to give yourself a happiness boost

Sometimes happiness seems something to strive for, to try and catch, like a fish, the end of a journey. The secret is of course to find happiness along the journey. Of course that is not always easy. There are so many things happening every day that can make us go totally crazy. Sometimes it only takes 5 minutes and your day has totally gone down the drain. Smart, meditative gurus say that you can't always change a situation, but you can always change the way you look at it. Because when it come [...]

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Stressless in 5 simple steps

So yes, maybe most of you are still in the middle of holidays, days off with the family, spending entire days in your pyjamas, or out skiing down the slopes. On the other hand, I know some people who get really stressed by all the Christmas preparations, the dinner organisations, the family meetings. When I am stressed, I am very much tempted to grab a superficial comfort blanket, i.e. laze on the couch, eat chocolate, complain… So I want to remind you today about the real stress killers. Breath [...]

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