How to Empty Your Head

“There is a direct correlation between physical exertion and mental relief.”  ― Sakyong Mipham I started running late in life. I was a gymnast in my teens and spent my 20ies doing absolutely nothing… The first time my ex husband took me running, I thought I was going to die after 100 meters! It was no fun and very hard. But like with everything, when you persevere, you get better at it and things become easier. I started running more seriously after I had my first child. I had gained 20 kg (uh [...]

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50 little daily habits to make your life more creative

The web and blog world is full of 365 projects where people decide that for a year they will do something every day: take a photo of themselves, paint a picture, donate to charity etc. Here are a few simple ideas for little habits you can do every day for a year to make you a bit more creative: Let someone else draw a stripe or doodle on a piece of paper and then make a drawing from that. Look up what happened on that same day in the year you were born. Take a picture of a cloud. Take a picture [...]

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