How to become a likeable control freak

Further to last week's post on being a control freak, let me elaborate a bit on the topic. Some years ago, I was in a training course about Stakeholder Management. We were taught the different levels of buy-in and involvement stakeholders need to have over the course of a project. A colleague of mine, let’s call her Melissa, was having trouble with this. To her, it seemed normal that ALL her stakeholders needed to be kept happy and up to date ALL THE TIME from the beginning to the end of a proje [...]

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Are you a control freak?

Below you will find a few statements. Tick the ones which apply to you. I make lists of about every aspect of my life I don’t like it when people touch my things I hate to wait for someone who is late for an appointment In case of an argument or discussion, I am usually convinced that my opinion is the correct one If I want something to be done right, I do it myself I get uneasy on ‘empty’ vacation days and am mostly the one who makes the plans and proposes fun activities I would feel awkward if [...]

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