14 creative ways to store and display your photos

When you have kids (or pets, or parents, or a collection of them all), you take a lot of photos. They are memories of some great times! And you want to remember them. Back in the old days you would print them and stick them in an album. In the age of digital, this has supposedly become easier. That is of course arguable. Because there are so many options out there and some of them often require you to hire a nerd to manage your way through. So today, I want to share a few creative ideas I have [...]

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Miranda’s Favorite Things – September 2017

Only 14 more Fridays until Christmas... What????? Yep... So for those of you who are early preparers and shoppers, below is a pre-pre-pre Christmas list of ideas. For all the others, it's just a list of my favorite things in case it's someone's birthday or because you simply want to make someone (or yourself) happy. Canopy and Stars Glamping locations you will want to reserve right away. From tree hut, over canal boat and deserted mountain huts to renovated buses. This site really inspires [...]

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Miranda’s Favorite Things – January 2017

Yes, I know, you've only just received my Favorite Things Christmas special. And you probably do not have any more money nor need for more things. But just in case it's someone's birthday or because you simply want to make someone happy, I have another collection of things I have come across recently that I really liked. Chasing Paper I love decorating and re-decorating. So I am a fan of removable decoration items I can play with. Wallpaper was never such a thing. Until Chasing Paper. They [...]

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Miranda’s Favorite Things – Christmas Special 2016

In less than 2 months it's Christmas. Those who know me know that I usually buy my holidays presents early. And to set you up with some ideas in time, I have again compiled a list of things I have come across recently that would make some nice Christmas gifts for your friends and family. Enjoy! Mickey Philips Mickey is a Dutch designer who creates useful and beautiful things. She has designed Played, a series of objects which together create a single object. You can use it to display food on a [...]

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