Are you spiritual?

I consider myself as 'slightly spiritual' (can you see me do the air quotes with my fingers? :-) I believe in energy. Not exactly the same kind of energy you need to run up a hill, get through a stressful day and juggle work and life . But they are linked. I'm talking of the energy of the Universe. Different people trust in different things and have different names for it: God, Buddha, Angels, intuition, gut feeling, ghosts or dead grandmas. For me it's energy. Basic quantum physics: we are all [...]

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You are full of energy! No? Then read this.

In the work that I do, whether it's coaching women, giving intuitive painting classes or lead discussions over a glass of wine, the topic of energy almost always comes up. Energy is everywhere. It walks right along with you, wherever you go. Even if you don't know it. It's like a dog. It follows you around, it precedes you, it feels you. Knowing where your energy is, means that you have clarity. It means that you are not spending time (= energy) on anything else but the goals and intentions you [...]

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Attention – why it makes all the difference

I recently talked about Attitude being everything. The very next day someone I will call Melissa told me I was completely WRONG! That got me thinking. Was I wrong? Is attitude really working EVERY time? Melissa said that she was under stress and pressure at work and wished she had stayed at home that day. I told her that changing her attitude could make a difference in how she felt. That’s when her big WRONG was fired back. So what do I do when I’m under stress and pressure? I sure am no Wonder [...]

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Why you should put doors into your walls

So many people spend their days moaning, complaining, criticizing, gossiping, blaming. We seem to connect a lot of things that happen to us to outside circumstances: - My colleague prevents me from doing my job properly - My partner makes me feel like shit - My parent’s upbringing is responsible for my depression - If only I were thinner, then I would find a boyfriend and I’d be happy. and so on... But it’s all a question of attitude really. If you think these things prevent you from being happy [...]

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