Miranda’s Favorite Things – September 2017

Only 14 more Fridays until Christmas... What????? Yep... So for those of you who are early preparers and shoppers, below is a pre-pre-pre Christmas list of ideas. For all the others, it's just a list of my favorite things in case it's someone's birthday or because you simply want to make someone (or yourself) happy. Canopy and Stars Glamping locations you will want to reserve right away. From tree hut, over canal boat and deserted mountain huts to renovated buses. This site really inspires [...]

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How John Malkovich can make you more creative

As you know, I like to shape serendipity. Therefore, some time ago, I went to see the "Giacomo Variations" where John Malkovich plays Casanova. So here are the observations and discoveries that John Malkovich and the show offered me: John Malkovich can hold a pretty tune. Who knew! Assumptions are often proven wrong! What assumptions are you having that you want to try to prove wrong this week? Casanova should have been a hippy. He was definitely born in the wrong century, what with all those bu [...]

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My Urban Piano Luxembourg 2017

I was recently asked by the City of Luxembourg to participate in their yearly My Urban Piano project. The project consists of 21 pianos that are placed in the streets and near sights of Luxembourg city in order to liven up the public space. Each piano has been 'created' by groups from the non profit, educational or artistic world, mostly together with an artist. I was 'given' a piano and assigned a class of special needs teenagers from Ediff who looked at me with big eyes and full of expectatio [...]

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50 little daily habits to make your life more creative

The web and blog world is full of 365 projects where people decide that for a year they will do something every day: take a photo of themselves, paint a picture, donate to charity etc. Here are a few simple ideas for little habits you can do every day for a year to make you a bit more creative: Let someone else draw a stripe or doodle on a piece of paper and then make a drawing from that. Look up what happened on that same day in the year you were born. Take a picture of a cloud. Take a picture [...]

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