How to tame your inner critic

Some time ago I was participating in a creative coaching group and we were talking about taking tiny creative steps boldly. We were talking about our Inner Critic and how powerful this little creature in our head can be. Some describe it as a physical little being like a goblin or even a witch. Others describe more of a voice that is angry, scared, frustrated, unsure. Here are a few tips for banning its destructive methods or just simply putting it to sleep. Befriend it: Don't fight your inner c [...]

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The less routine the more life

ROUTINE: a course of normative, standardized actions or procedures that are followed regularly, often repetitiously. You get up in the morning, prepare and eat breakfast, brush your teeth, dress, take the car and drive the same way to work. Routine. It is safe. It is a no-brain activity. Those of you with children know that such a peaceful routine hardly ever exists in the morning. Child does not like the jam on the bread, wants the bread cut in small squares, shoes are missing, runny nose needs [...]

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The 10 most inspirational websites

One of my faithful readers recently asked me what my most inspirational websites are. And since I like turn my life into a newsletter (feel free to ask questions and send me requests for topics --- hint hint), below is a list of the 10 websites that I visit on a very regular basis for different reasons: originality, creativity, inspiration (for writing, painting etc) emotion (they speak to me), support (they help me in different ways) etc. WARNING: all of the below sites can be addictive! 1) PIN [...]

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Your normal is someone else’s exotic

I was listening to an audio book where an American student was describing his Guatemalan roommate as exotic. Sun on your skin, beaches, mosquitoes, colorful clothing, palm trees and lush green and blue scenery, sing song language. Exotic, yes. But normal, every day life when you're Guatemalan. It's the same with creativity. The things you do in your normal way may look exotic to someone else. And have you really looked at the normal, routine life you're leading? Is it really that mundane? There [...]

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14 creative ways to store and display your photos

When you have kids (or pets, or parents, or a collection of them all), you take a lot of photos. They are memories of some great times! And you want to remember them. Back in the old days you would print them and stick them in an album. In the age of digital, this has supposedly become easier. That is of course arguable. Because there are so many options out there and some of them often require you to hire a nerd to manage your way through. So today, I want to share a few creative ideas I have [...]

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How a budget is like sex

I go running during lunchtime 2-3 times a week. Most often with some female colleagues. Sometimes we talk about life, the Universe and everything, sometimes we shut up and suffer uphill, and sometimes we solve problems in a creative way. The other day, one colleague asked me how running made you more creative. Well: it provides a mental break, an incubation time for any ideas you have been working on, it gives them time to simmer and connect with other things you exercise physically which sets f [...]

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