What to do when you need to calm down

In 2012 I did this! It was all part of being REAL (my word of that year), and facing your fears. I was scared shitless, but did it anyway. Tackling my fears usually involves more or less adrenaline. Because it means stepping out of my comfort zone. And this was a BIG step out of a plane! Argh! I was recently in a telco with a colleague of mine, talking about the ‘shit’ that was going on in our respective jobs. When she thanked me for the chat because it had brought her adrenaline level down. So [...]

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Stressless in 5 simple steps

So yes, maybe most of you are still in the middle of holidays, days off with the family, spending entire days in your pyjamas, or out skiing down the slopes. On the other hand, I know some people who get really stressed by all the Christmas preparations, the dinner organisations, the family meetings. When I am stressed, I am very much tempted to grab a superficial comfort blanket, i.e. laze on the couch, eat chocolate, complain… So I want to remind you today about the real stress killers. Breath [...]

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