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Women, Wine & Wisdom

Create and Connect women wine and wisdom

Women, Wine and Wisdom is a group of women that meets every month or two in order to have a glass of wine (or a cup of tea), talk about a topic, exchange stories, make new friends, get inspiration and create deep connections. It is also a place to exchange tips of best places, books, websites, massage therapists etc.

The evenings are held regularly on a Wednesday or Thursday evening from 7-9 pm in a bar or cozy place in Luxembourg.

This group is for women who want to meet other women, who want to exchange ideas in order to grow, be inspired and inspire others.


Miranda has an amazing gift. As a creative connector (or is it connecting creator?), she fills a room with strangers and makes them feel comfortable. Then the magic happens: People open up, talk about anything and everything, and laugh – a lot. Women, Wine & Wisdom is a very uplifting, motivating, and life-affirming group. Miranda is its heart and soul.

Thank you for helping the universe do its work!

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Next event

Create and Connect women wine and wisdom

5 APRIL 2017

Topic: Perfection

How it ruins your life and what you should strive for instead

Perfectionism can keep you stuck for years.

Perfectionism can be a form of laziness too. Because you get to hold on to unrealistic ideals of what you’re supposed to accomplish. And nothing ever gets done.

I prefer to do things imperfectly than not at all because I am waiting to get them just right.

During this evening we will learn more about perfectionism (ie what it is all really about) and how you can take imperfect action (with a little exercice and tool)

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Topics range from big life questions, over single words to tips and tricks.

Past topics have been: Energy, Dating, Side Projects, Saying no etc

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What to expect during our events

We plan to start promptly at 7 pm, so please make sure to arrive in time. It is however not a problem to arrive later. Just join the group.

There is usually parking next to the event. It is also after 6pm so parking in any street should be free. Please check that you are correctly parked in order to avoid trouble and/or tickets.

Miranda van den Heuvel will shortly introduce the topic, which will then be discussed, with no pressure. The topic is just a starting point. There is no MUST to stay on the topic of the evening! 🙂 Experience shows that discussion will flow freely and lead to where it needs to go!

Bring your positive, connecting energy!
Please bring any flyers, business cards etc you want to distribute.
Active participation is welcome. So if you have a story to tell, please do so. If you would like to participate more actively, please feel free to contact Miranda before the event.

We would love to capture all the great tips and tricks, website links etc that are exchanged during the evening. Please feel free to capture anything directly in the Facebook group.

WWW Facebook Group
The Women, Wine and Wisdom Group is open to all women. So if you have friends who would like to join, just send them the link to join.

We plan on holding these events on a regular basis. The location will not necessarily always be the same, but always a cozy place to unwind. If you have any suggestions on good places, please feel free to let Miranda know.

There is an entrance fee of 10 euros which covers one drink and nibbles. Further drinks are to be ordered and paid by each of the participants directly with the location. Wine is of course not a must – you are free to order what you like. You may order more food or nibblies at your own cost. Sometimes there will be a choice for dinner.

The discussion takes place from 7-9 pm. If you would like to stay on, you are free to do so. If you would like to have dinner at the location of the event, please make prior arrangements and reservations with the location.

If you need to contact Miranda, please email her.