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    Want your business to thrive!
    Generate new ideas
    get different perspectives,



How You Can Create & Connect

Inspirational Workshops

Anyone can be creative and so can you!  As our Intuitive Painting workshops are regularly sold out, book your spot now! We also customise creative workshops for groups and companies to give you a creative edge.



Our retreats are opportunities to help you change the HOW, not the WHAT. You will get clear about your dreams, purpose and passion then set priorities so that you can make choices that reflect what’s important to you.


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10 Creative Habits


Come visit our blog where we post our creative inspiration for the week.  You can subscribe to the blog and see our past postings here.



Create Your Life

Create Your Life

 Want to know how to CREATE your life instead of reacting to it?

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Create Your Art

Create Your Art

Re-connect to your intuition and create some awesome art!  

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Create Your Work

Create Your Work

We can help you to kick-start creativity at your workplace!

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About Miranda

Miranda van den Heuvel 300x298Miranda is Create and Connect!

"Life’s too short to spend it on things that don’t really matter to you. Being creative is part of feeling alive. Building on that creativity, people can live in ways that feel good – and be involved in work that does good."



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B. Salz
Before, I did not know how to ‘do’ it. IT being a clearer vision. Of my days, my week, my mid te...
Before the Retreat ...
I was not in a good place in my life, I was exhausted, on the verge of a bre...


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