The place where creativity can be found (or added) in every single thing that you do.
Everytime I say I’m an artist, I hear people say ‘I admire you. I’m so not creative!’

And I want to hug them and say ‘but you are!’.

Because creativity is not only in the big paintings, it’s not just art and music and writing.
Creativity is in each of us and it can be found or added to each and every single day of our lives.

That’s what creative me is all about.

I want to show you that you don’t have to learn how to paint like Picasso but that with a little Inspiration, creativity is in every area of your life and can be added with simple tips, tricks and tools in your day to day life.

I will accompany you during this e-course to prove this!

Every month we will tackle one area. We will explore how to be creative in simple ways in that area.
You will get a video with a tool so you too can integrate creativity into your life. You will get weekly creativity tips and resources. And you will be part of a worldwide community of creatives, newbies and pros alike.

We have so much creativity to share with each other!

Do you want to join us on this adventure?

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