15 ways to be and stay happy and have a positive effect on other people

The greatest gift is to give people your enlightenment, to share it — Buddha

  1. Get up ever morning saying “Today is going to be a great day.”
  2. Set powerful intentions for the day: I will be happy, inspiring, encouraging, creative etc today.
  3. Smile. It’s contagious. It creates an atmosphere. It makes a good impression. It is worth more than words. It’s a free facelift…If you are sad or angry, force your smile and it will start changing your mood.
  4. Decide to go complaint free. It is very difficult. But you can start by refusing to join in other people’s complaining. And ask yourself each time “Can I change this?” If the answer is yes, then change it. If the answer is no, then stop complaining about it for it’s not going to change.
  5. Be a radiator instead of a drain. Not the most common English language metaphor, but very much to the point here: be someone who radiates energy, dynamism, who is positive instead of someone who is negative, a drain on other people’s energy, always criticizing.
  6. Move instead of brood. Say you were humiliated. Will you let this control your life, will you brood endlessly and remain stuck in this moment or feeling? Or can you set it aside and keep moving towards something better?
  7. Stop living a life of quiet desperation.
  8. Encourage others to be brilliant.
    Show interest, acknowledge what’s important to them, say ‘well done’, say ‘thank you’, return a favour, do something unexpected, ask them for advice or confide in them, offer to help them.
  9. Share your knowledge. Do not use ‘knowledge is power’ to justify a reluctance to share information because some form of advantage can be gained through the use or manipulation of knowledge. This seems to be a big issue at many workplaces. Start with giving information yourself and you will see that it is reciprocated.
  10. Have a positive influence on your colleagues. Prevent colleagues from taking offense to your intervention, thinking that you are telling them how to do their job or believing that you see them as incompetent and take that personally.
  11. Talk about it before it gets too big and starts leading a life of its own. Sometimes problems that seem big are actually really small. It is our emotions that change our perception. Whenever a problem appears, tackle it right there and then. Talk about the feelings you have, encourage others to do the same. Bring in a mediator if emotions get too big.
  12. Change your perspective. By creating new perceptions, you can actually create new realities. When entering a situation or meeting a new person, you may have preconceived ideas or feelings. You may have the whole thing figured out already. Take note of this (don’t judge) and consciously change your perspective. Try to look at it from a completely different angle. Say you’re a homeless person. How would that change the situation or meeting this person?
  13. Don’t try to stop the negative. Just start doing and seeing the positive. We all have our negative thoughts and actions. We all have a tendency to complain, to not feel worthy. Instead of trying to change this negativism, try to focus on the good. This bad situation or problem may give you the opportunity to start something completely different. If you don’t feel worthy, start by looking at little things that are positive.
  14. Don’t judge too quickly. Many situations are not always what they seem at first glace.
  15. Just BE a happier you.
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